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About Us

About Us

The brand story of PANDAOGO begins with an ancient Chinese legend. It is said that in the distant past, celestial beings decided to send certain animals to the human world to convey messages of love and peace. The panda, chosen for its kindness and gentle nature, was bestowed with a special power to heal the wounds of people's hearts. Since then, the panda has become a symbol of the Chinese people and people around the world.

Their iconic panda emblem represents this mystical power, symbolizing peace, harmony, and friendliness. PANDAOGO's products, ranging from toys to home goods, are based on green and comfortable, sustainably produced materials. They are dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and encouraging people to live in a sustainable way, coexisting harmoniously with nature.

An important role in the brand story is the "Panda Guardians." PANDAOGO collaborates with major conservation organizations, supporting wildlife conservation projects, especially panda conservation. A portion of their product sales proceeds is donated to these organizations to protect panda habitats, fund research, and educational programs.

PANDAOGO's brand story inspires people's love and attention towards pandas while also awakening a sense of responsibility for environmental protection. Their products are widely popular globally, attracting not only panda enthusiasts but also advocates for environmental conservation. The success of PANDAOGO lies not only in its innovative design and high-quality products but also in the panda brand story it carries. This heartwarming story motivates people to come together to protect our Earth home.
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